Carbon Free 4th of July

Our Story

For the last ten years our community has sponsored an amazing 4th of July fireworks demonstration over Eagle Harbor. The funds have been raised entirely from islanders—neighbors sharing the costs of a truly spectacular event.

Key to making this happen were SCOTT & LAURIE ISENMAN, a pair of 4th of July heroes, who have led the annual fundraising, execution and considerable coordinating with the city, ferries, police, fire, yacht clubs, and waterfront neighbors.

As we began planning for the 2019 show, we realized we were facing some new challenges. The coordinating committee sought an alternative to the traditional fireworks display that would be both inspiring and patriotic and yet address islanders’ often voiced concerns about noise and environmental impact.

With the current trend to hotter, drier summers, fire safety is also becoming an increasing concern to officials and citizens of our island.

Aerial light shows using LED-carrying drones are still relatively new–seen at major public events such as the Korean Winter Olympics, movie premiers and outdoor music festivals. We approached one of the pioneers in the industry, knowing they were the best and most experienced and probably booked years in advance. To our surprise, their response was “we’ve never done a 4th of July show, and to date never a show in the Pacific Northwest. We’d love to work with you!”

Update for 2019

Over the last 2 months, even with their commitment, securing the necessary financing for this show remained an enormous challenge. The committee received enthusiastic support from all the required agencies, but the substantial funds needing to be raised in such a very short period of time–from major donors, and corporate sponsors, proved too large a hurdle for this year.

Despite these challenges and the obstacles we did overcome, we are totally committed to a long-range plan to make the 4th of July on Bainbridge Island a memorable and ecologically sound celebration–beginning in 2020.

Toward that end you have your committee’s continued commitment. Thank you from all of us to those who assisted so graciously.

To those individuals and groups who contributed through this page, our deepest thanks also. You will all be contacted shortly asking if you wish a full refund, or to have your donation counted towards next years celebration.

And don’t forget–there will be a fireworks show visible from the north end of the island, launching from the vicinity of the casino at 10:30PM the 4th.

This effort has been made possible by the community for the community!


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Courtesy of Washington State Ferries